Change Your Attitude and Approach

Becoming a Male Model is Not Easy. Some guys think that since they are good looking, modeling opportunities will come their way easily. They just see a guy who appears in a magazine ad, or an ad for a product, like Bod man, who looks similar to them - and think "I can do that, too." Not true. It might have been a long road for that guy to land on the pages of the magazine you are reading.

Networking (Get to Know Big City Modeling Professionals)

Instead of signing up for a modeling school, find a photographer in a major city whose photos you like. Send your photos to him and ask if you can shoot with him if you visit the city at your expense. We also stress that getting to know other male models is important for college guys who are new to the modeling industry.

One way of networking with modeling professionals is to arrange a photo shoot with a photographer located in a big city. The difficult part is identifying a photographer whose photo style you like and who is professional enough to have clients who pay him to shoot photos – or who is published in magazines and in advertising campaigns. Chances are an excellent photographer in a big city will shoot you for free if you are flying into his city to shoot with him and if he likes your look. Airfare to get to a city in which a photographer can shoot you can cost as little $300. Network With Modeling Professionals

Be Available

Being available is crucial for national Model Jobs. Choosing between a guy who can get off work at the drop of a hat, versus a guy who has trouble getting off work, who do you think a casting director will choose? Read the specifics of why successful male models need to be available to accept modeling jobs.

Get to a Big City - Permanently or During Summer Break: Guys who are located outside of a major modeling market (Los Angeles or New York) must work harder than guys who live in a big city. To be truly successful as a male model, you need to move to a Big City Sometimes it can be smart for new models to pay for their own travel costs to a big city - to be able to land that first modeling gig. If you are not able to move permanently to a big city like Los Angeles, we encourage you to spend our summer break in Los Angeles pursuing modeling or acting jobs. You are not likely going to be guaranteed an opportunity before you leave for Los Angeles for the summer. But, you can set up initial networking (with agencies, photographers and male models) through the Internet. Then, visit modeling agencies open calls once you arrive in Los Angeles. Successful Models are Located in a Big City.

Available means you can do the job at the "drop of a hat." You can be the hottest guy in your state, but if you cannot get off work, you are not going to make it as a model. Most modeling jobs offer you little advance notice and will choose the model who is available.

Marketing Focus

You must treat modeling as a business and market that business effectively. You should attempt to market yourself as an male model.

One way to adopt a marketing focus is to seek to beat your competition: There are more guys who want to model, than there are modeling jobs available. Guys who want to succeed should be willing to outwork their competition. Marketing, Not Looks, Makes Models and Actors Successful

The best ways to be successful as a new male model often require changing your thinking, and being flexible:

Adopt An Attitude Modeling Professionals Want to Work With

Attitude is everything. Sometimes factors that have nothing to do with looks can make the difference between being hired and not being hired for a modeling job. Here is some advice especially for guys who were just starting their modeling careers:

Successful Male Models Don't Allow Parents too Much Control

Girlfriends can interfere with male modeling

Adopt a Big City Atitude

Building Self Confidence

Being preoccupied with avoiding embarrassment can hinder your modeling career.

Don't Be Conservative - Get in shape. Then get comfortable being undressed and be willing to show off your body. Sexy photos often help careers. Willing means guys who are willing to show off their body are going to be offered more jobs than conservative guys because there is not shortage of guys who want to pose in jeans. It is easier to for an agent to encourage photographers to consider guys who are not shy. Read this article that explains why guys who are willing to pose for the right photographs beat their competition.

If you are ready to become a male model, consider our innovative advice on how to get your modeling career started locally, on your college campus. Its a fun way for you and 11 of your on-campus buddies to take a giant leap ahead of other aspiring models!



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