You and Your Friends Can Start Your Modeling Careers on Your Campus

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Pin-up calendars were frequently published in the past. They are a great vehicle for aspiring models to get notoriety and exposure... to get known by many people fast. There is something special about appearing as an icon on people's walls. When you appear in a calendar, you are no longer just someone who was photographed, you are "Mr. March" or "Ms. July." Its a cute moniker and people enjoy saying they "know" "Mr. August" or "Miss December."

However, models who appeared in calendars always were required to suffer the whims, opinions and follow the decisions of the person or company who owned and published these calendars. You could not get a spot in the calendar unless you submitted your photograph, competing against hundreds or thousands of other aspiring models - and underwent a grueling selection process - with hopes you would eventually get chosen.

All that has changed with crowdfunding websites. Now beginner models can be in control.

How can models control all the decisions? That's simple: because the students who appear in pinup calendars organized through crowdfunding sites own their calendar and make their own opportunity. No longer is there a publisher who decides if you get chosen or not. You decide, because you own it!

You and Your Friends make Your Own Modeling Opportunity

You do not submit photos to anybody. Rather than hope someone else chooses you over other students, you decide who gets featured in the calendar by using a crowdfunding site.

Many filmmakers have successfully used crowdfunding sites to fund their films. To get your modeling career started, you can use a crowdfunding site to collect pre-orders for a pinup calendar - in which you and 11 of your friends appear. Appearing in a calendar - in which you organize - is your first modeling job!

Here is what you need to do to appear in your college's calendar:

  • Gather as many of your friends as possible, up to a maximum of 12
  • Post a "project" on a crowdfunding site describing a calendar that will be produced IF enough pre-sale orders are pledged. Charge $14.95 per calendar.
  • Simply creating a crowdfunding project is not enough. You and the other would-be calendar models must promote the heck out of your project page on the crowdfunding site. Get Family, friends and anyone you know to pre-order calendars. Search for bloggers who specialize in writing about your college, your school's sports team, or your city. Ask bloggers to "do a post" to encourage their readers to pre-order the calendar. Contact local reporters who write for your city's newspapers and TV stations.
  • Do anything and everything you can to gather enough pledged orders to put your over the top - so your calendar will be able to be published.
  • You will likely need 1000 calendars sold to have enough funds to produce it.
  • Once you obtain the minimum quantity of pre-orders, the credit card of everyone will be charged.

In some cases, a parent of a student who is lined up to appear in the calendar, might pledge to order 100 or more calendars!

Remember, appearing in your college's calendar is life-changing and something you will always remember. Years in the future, you will be able to tell your grand kids that "Grandma was Miss March once," or "Grandpa was Mr. January back in college." Given the exciting advantages of appearing in a calendar, the energy and time you expend in gathering pre-orders through your calendar's crowdfunding project page is well-worth it.

Yes, with this idea, there is no separate person or company who will do all the work for you. The responsibility is on the shoulders of you and the other 11 students who are lined up to appear in the calendar. However, you will not have that wondrous chance of appearing in your school's pinup calendar if you sit back and wait for someone else to do all your work.. its up to you to make yourself famous.

Get intense with promoting pre-orders. Go the extra mile to get this chance to get your modeling career started.

Other Benefits Often Overlooked

By promoting your calendar's crowdfunding project, you also learn marketing know-how that you can later use in a job. You will be able to tell employers that you learned what activities worked and did not work in gathering pre-orders. You learned to utilize social media to get quantifiable results: pledges of orders. And speaking of job interviews, at the end of a day of interviewing many job candidates, people always remember the candidate they interviewed who was "Mr. or Miss March."

You will get famous on your campus, but also remember the earning potential. You are not just posing for photos, you are an owner! Once printing costs are paid out of pledged pre-sale orders, you and your friends get to split the revenue from any orders over and above the amount needed to print the calendar.

Remember, you and your friends own the product and earn all the profits from sales once printing costs is deducted!

Team with "the Right" Students

But you cannot do it alone. By its nature, there are twelve months in a year. So, you need twelve students from your college to appear in the calendar. You also need those students who will actively promote the calendars' crowdfunding project. So, don't only choose friends based on their looks. Be careful to team with students who are not lazy. Choose friends who have a lot of Facebook friends who will support them. Popularity on campus is key! Do any of your friends gave Twitter accounts with a lot of supporters? If yes, they might be the best candidates for appearing in a calendar. Are any of your friends able to easily get hundreds of their friends to show up to a house party? If yes, they might be good candidates for appearing in your school's calendar.

Don't worry about photography and finding a commercial digital printer for now. Those tasks are easy once you have enough pre-orders. Those are not as challenging as you might expect. Remember, for now, promotion is key. You will only appear in a calendar if enough pre-orders are pledged through your crowdfunding project's page.

So, are you ready to work hard to get famous on your campus? If yes, start by reading the details on how to appear in your college's calendar. Then start identifying energetic friends on your campus who are the best choices to be part of your project. Good luck and we hope to see you on the pages of your college's calendar!

Once your calendar project is posted, email me at ...and I will pre-order a copy!


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