How to become a model scout

If you are interested in locating potential models, you may think going to the Internet is the only way to meet your goals. Suprisingly, inviting students in person is the best way to find talent. By approaching students face-to-face, you will receive the best, freshest students.

They are fresh and eager to work with you. The students you stop will have never thought of what you are offering. If you are afraid to approach a stranger, be assured that there is a professional who is willing to do what it takes to get new talent.

First, you need a professional-lookign flier or pamphlet. Something that clearly explains as many details as possible.

Here is what you need to do with your Fliers:

First, fold your fliers before heading to campus - so they will fit into an average person's pocket. Students do not want to deal with the hassle of folding a flier while they are walking to class.

Carry a few fliers and a pen with you (and in your car) wherever you go. You will often meet potential students at the most unlikely times.

Get yourself to the campus area on a warm day and walk up to the kind of students you wish to recruit.

Get your flier into his hand immediately, say a short explanation of the offer and then leave him alone!

Who to Recruit

Recruit whomever you wish - however, the most optimal student (who is able to leverage social media and viral publicity) is someone who is the type of student who could get hundreds of people to come if he held a campus party. Potential models do not need to look like big city, professional models.

The only qualification is that guys either be currently enrolled or alumni of, or show intent to enroll at a University or College.

When to Recruit

  • 1) Beginning of the Semester
  • 2) During warm months when classes are in session.

There will be many students visiting campus to purchase books, schedule classes, etc. during this first week of the semester.

The best and easiest place to recruit a LOT of students is outside campus-area bookstores during this time. Simply stand in a public place outside the bookstore. Do not impede the flow of traffic or attract a lot of attention.

You do not need a table or sign. You will appear to be selling something if you look business-like. This is all about personal contact with a select few students.

Bookstores are busiest after 11AM on the first day of classes.

Attractive students can be found everywhere during the Spring term because it is warm outside and the campus is buzzing with outdoor activities. All you need to do is get to campus and you will run into potential students!

Where to Recruit

  • Main grassy area on campus - also called a Quad.
  • Tanning salons
  • High Street
  • Fraternity Row
  • Coffee Houses
  • Large classrooms
  • Gyms where most students lift weights
  • Campus-wide parties and events
  • Anywhere where many students gather en masse
  • Night clubs - Will students take you seriously if you stop them inside a bar with alcohol involved?
  • Outdoor "Patio" Type Bars - when in season
  • Outdoor spots where students tan from 10-2pm on sunny days
  • Dorms and dining commons at dinner times
  • Grocery stores on Sunday evenings

How: What to Say when you approach students

What is the first thing to say?

Just choose whatever you feel comfortable with saying. Your first few occasions when you stop a student will not go well. Then you will get accustom to it! We want you to develop your own style.

The very first thing to do is to hand a flier to the student. No matter what happens, they will have the flier. Get the flier out of your hands and into his hands. Its that simple.

After talking briefly about benefits (Opportunities for bigger things. Lots of exposure! Become a campus celebrity), you should direct the student to go to the web address on the flier (which you should supply them) if they are interested in hearing more.

Don't ask for the student's phone number. Most students do not want to talk on the phone. Instead, have the student write down their email address. (Don't have them tell you their email address verbally. It is much more accurate to have them write it down.)

Don't oversell yourself! Don't push too hard. Memorize the benefits of being a male model, but it is not wise to attempt to unleash all this info when you stop a student. Everyone is busy these days, they are usually shocked and assume you are selling something. It is best to simply say a few key points, get your flier into his hands, and let him decide on his own.

Students Do Not Pay Attention

Say the most important thing you want to say 2 or 3 times! Because they are shocked, they are not paying full attention. Just before you walk away, end with what you want them to do - go to the web address on the flier!

Awkward at First

Approaching students is easy once you become accustomed to students being shocked by your words. It can be awkward at first, then you get accustomed to it if you remain professional. When stopping someone, concentrate on the benefit you are offering them, not how what you say is initially received by the student.

How Students Respond to You:

It is normal for the other person to be shocked regardless if they are eventually interested in your offer. So, expect for the person to be shocked, get your flier into his hand and move on. Let him decide later.

Students will often wrongly assume you are selling something. Make it very clear that you are not.

Some students will turn you down. Sometimes students do not want to be bothered or is scared. You will see defensive body language.

Yes, some students might assume you are a creep. This is normal. Most are flattered. He will understand the great opportunity you are offering when he gets home.

Learn how to accept rejection. Most students are interested when they return home and read your flier. A smile goes a long way!

Rob Turned The Photographer Down Rudely

Here is a real story about a student who was initially dismissive, but later decided to take an interest once he read our flier...

One of our Photographers saw a very attractive student walking on campus. A photographer said hello, handed him a flier. The student immediately and rudely said NO! I am not interested. So, the photographer politely walked away.

A week later, the student emailed to say he was interested. Ironically, this student ended up getting his friends to participate too. Once he had a chance to look over the flier, check out the website, he realized what a great offer was available to him. But initially, he thought the photographer was selling something.

Rob was a street-savvy kid from Manhattan. So, when he gets approached, he assumes anything the person says is not gonna be anything he wants to hear. The moral of this story is to always get your flier into the student's hands. He may respond - regardless of the response you receive when you stop him.


If you approach a student while he is standing with another person, the other person will often be interested in ending your conversation because you are not paying attention to him or her. Be sure to say hello to the friend. Get your flier into the hand of the guy you wish to recruit, say a short explanation and leave him alone!

Excited Guys

Some students get excited and ask too many questions. If you stand there answering questions for 10 minutes it will prevent you from recruiting others. Just have them look up details on the site. Do not make up answers to questions if you are at a loss for the facts.  Just tell them the basics and that they "should go to the web address shown on the flier.

Final Tip: When on campus, keep your eyes and ears open for potential shooting locations you can use later!


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