Model Comp Cards and Zed Cards

Because many Model Jobs are filled via the internet and because it takes time for new models to earn substantial money, Athletic Modeling thinks it is a mistake for new male models to invest a large amount of money on mass printed composite cards or Zed cards.

You do not need to wait until you have a composite card to start promoting yourself.

In the beginning, you work with whatever photos you have avaikabkle and replace photos as you obtain better quality form Model Jobs and after you receive tears - actual printed advertisemnts that you can use in your portfolio and on your comp card. (Advertisements show professionals taht you have already "done something." Therefore, advertisements are more preferable than modeling photos, so if you have appeared in an ad, use it in your promotional materials. But, you will not have appeared in an ad if you are ust starting out. This is why you should not print hundreds of comp cards in bulk. The photos on your comp card will change over time!

If you really want to have a peice of paper that you can show people, a color copy will be adequate. Your photos will be constantly changing. If you print 500 color comps, they will be useless quick if you are a new model.

If You Have Purchased Comp Cards

If you have already invested money into printing a modeling comp card, we urge you to distribute them to professionals who hire models in your hometown. Now. Get them out of your house before your hairstyle changes.

Remember, your agency works for you. In small markets, agencies try to call all the shots, but the best thing you have going in your favor is your ability to promote yourself directly to potentail clients.

Mail Comp Cards on Your Own

If you have a stack of 250 modeling comp card today and still have them five months from now, you are the reason why your modeling career is going nowhere or why it is not producing as much opportunities for you. Comp cards are promotional materials. They can't do their job if they are collecting dust on your shelf. Mail them out. This week.

Don't wait for your modeling agent to mail them out for you. Buy some stamps and envelopes and mail them out.

Don't worry about running out. If you run out of comp cards, you will have hopefully mailed them to a bunch of professionals, a few of whom will actually hire you. Then you can use the revenue you earn to buy updated comp cards - if you want more.

Compile a List of Advertising Agencies in Your City

The hard part is finding companies to mail to.

If you give enough attention to your weightlifting regimen, you can pay some attention to thinking about goals for modeling jobs. If you make sure you consume 5.1 grams of protein every X hours for every pound of body weight, then spend some time and energy to do some research for your career.

And this is why we encourage you to become friends with other male models. Don't just expect to a model agent to do all your work for you and give you all the answers. Talk to other male models. They can tell you which businesses and advertising agencies in your area hire models. Then mail those damn comps.

Mail your comp card to every ad agency or video production house within a 100-mile distance from you. Keep in mind, that when you search for ad agencies, you may mail to several businesses that do not really hire models.

There is a smart reason you want to do this extra work: when ad firms begin phoning your agency, the agency will begin to relatize they need to promote you more. You got the fire started. Otherwise, you are just one face in the crowd.

Sticking Out Benefits You

By mailing your comp, the ad agency receives your comp alone in an envelope. If your agency mailed comps, the ad agancey likely received comps from 30 other models in the sameenvelope. So, you stick out by spending money on a stamp.

Modeling agencies promote who they like. Sometimes if the ad firm contacts the modeling agency to hire you, the agent will say you are not available to get them to hire their favorite model. You can't fight this. However, make sure your telephone number always appears on your comps.

Don't Cheat Your Agency

However, do not accept any direct bookings. Regardless of who does the hard work to promote you and get you hired, your agency must handle the booking, invoicing and payment. Never try to cheat your agency out of their commission. The only advice this article gives is to promote yourself, not to act as your own agent.

If you are ready to become a male model, consider our innovative advice on how to get your modeling career started locally, on your college campus. Its a fun way for you and 11 of your on-campus buddies to take a giant leap ahead of other aspiring models!



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