Audition Photos Must Show Current Hairstyles

Models submit audition photos to be considered for Model Jobs. As soon as they hear they have landed their first modeling job, new models often want to get a haircut. However, when showing up for the modeling job, your hair should not be different from the photos you submitted!

Casting directors need to know what each auditioning model currently looks like. You should not deliver a product to them that is different from who they thought they were purchasing. And you are the product.

Do not submit old photos if you no longer look like the person who appears in the photos! Showing up looking different than your audition photos makes a casting director or photographer not want to work with you again. They do not have time to waste on talent who do not fit the look wanted to fit the role.

If you had long hair in your audition photo or headshot, you had better make sure your show up with long hair. If you hair was light brown in your photos, do not walk into the photographer's studio with black hair.

This rule gets even more specific: if your hair was four inches long in your audition pics, make sure your hair is four inches long when you show up for the job.

Variety of Hairstyles Bad

Similarly, do not submit a variety of photos that show your hair at different lengths. Doing so will confuse the casting director: she will not know what you look like presently.

Need New Photos Each Time You Change Hairstyle

This means you need to obtain new photos if your hair style changes after your photos were created - or simply make sure your hair does not change.

Models and actors often need to shoot new photos and headshots because they are cast for different roles that require changes in hair styles. For example, an actor may be cast for an army film and need to obtain a crew cut. This is one reason why you do not want to pay $600 for a modeling portfolio. The photos you bought are useless if your "look" has changed six months later. So, even though you have a "nice-looking" professional portfolio created 9 months ago, you do not want to submit those photos if you no long look like those photos.

Inform Casting Director Hairstyle Has Changed

If your hair looks moderately different from the photos you are submitting to a casting director, you can include a note explaining that your hair style is different from your photos - to inform the casting director. State when the photos were created and how different you look from your photos. This will avoid pissing off the casting director.

You can read more about the importance of men's hairstyles for modeling.

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