Most Male Modeling Agents Are Gay

Note: This article deals with some explicit information some people may find taboo. We offer this information because we are certain college guys who become involved in professional male modeling will encounter some of the predatory practices described here.

Financial Motivation vs. Meeting Guys

There are many female Super models, but very few male Super models because there is much more money in the female side of the industry. Since agents make could earn more commissions off female models, why would a male choose to be an agent on the male side of male modeling? The answer is simple: to hang out with or to have the chance at sexual contact with good-looking men. Many agents who book male models are male themselves. Almost every male agent is homosexual. Unfortunately, many male agents in male modeling see seducing young, naïve straight college guys as a fringe benefit of their business! Often people can have stereotypes about gays that lead them to ignore that an agent is gay. When their religion, friends and parents teach people to think all gays are monsters, it is easy to assume a male modeling agent must not be gay because he seems to be such a nice guy! How can a nice person be gay? Simply assume your male agent is gay.

You Cannot Avoid Gays in male modeling

If you want to get involved in male modeling, you must accept that you will often be working with gays and lesbians and give up any irrational fear you may have about people with different lifestyles. Aspiring male models who think they can get into male modeling without dealing with gays are going to be hard pressed to find a heterosexual agent. It can take some new male models months to get accustomed to being around gay guys. This simply holds them back. If you enter into male modeling with an open mind and are not fearful of gays, you can achieve success faster than other college guys can. Remember that your goal is to earn money and fame. If you want these things, you will not have a choice of with whom you work.

Surprisingly, we encourages you to consider posing for a gay photographer because they are more apt to offer you better rates than straight photographers.

Some Gay Agents Are Harmless

Some gay agents simply enjoy being seen with good-looking college guys. They have no delusions about getting into your pants. The agent might enjoy attention from people who sees him with you at restaurants and night clubs. They might invite you along with a group of male models to dinner or club hopping. If you consider this with an open mind, this is harmless. If this sounds like your agent, just chill out and do your job. Doing business or hanging out with a gay person does not make you gay. If you are straight, you are straight. Period!

Gay Agents Are Not Typical of Gays

You might know a gay neighbor who is cool. There are tons of very cool gay guys. However, a certain personality type tends to want to become an agent associated with male models. And that personality type is not one that can be trusted. You can trust professionals who are motivated by money because you their motivation is clear. You cannot trust people who select a career because they will encounter naive straight guys.

Pushy people who are not typical of the rest of society tend to become male modeling agents. Many people, gay and straight, become male modeling agents to be around good-looking people. Seducing male models is not something only gay agents try. Straight agents try to bed down female models, too. Many heterosexual male agents try to bed down the teen girls who eagerly want to become male models. Agents get what they want by capitalizing on young girls' inexperience. So, just as straight male modeling agents are not typical of the general population, don't think a gay agent is typical of all gays. There are millions of gay Americans who work hard and live ethical lives… they just tend not to work in the male modeling industry!

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