Precautions If Offered a Modeling Job That Involves Travel

If you are seeking to start your modeling career on your own and are offered a modeling job that calls for you to travel, you should take precautions. You will likely have an incredible time, do some exciting things and give your modeling career a giant boost. However, if you are working with a person for the first time, you need to adopt a professional approach and take precautions - especially if this is your first photo session or if you are traveling to a new, unfamiliar city.

Travel Alone

First, do not agree to do the job if you cannot: travel alone and if you do not know how to phone a taxi so you can get yourself to the airport if something goes wrong once in the city. Do not travel if you cannot rely on yourself to know where you are, what airport you need to get to and know how to call a taxi. Traveling is that simple.


Photographers know you are "new" to modeling. So, it is cool for you to ask some questions before you get on the plane to learn all the who, what, where, when, why and how about this modeling job..

It is impossible for you to fully screen an offer. You can trust the person for any future opportunities, but must follow some basic precautions during the first time you work with this person.


If your parents have questions, you should ask the industry professional what your parents want to know, not put your parents on the phone. Making an industry professional talk to your mommy is a sign that you will be trouble later.

Be Polite, Business-Like

Politely ask these questions. Remember, the person you are speaking with may be able to help your career immensely, a person who may deal in multimillion-dollar ad campaigns, so ask questions without being accusational. Nothing will make a legit photographer who has good intentions cancel a shoot faster than listening to a new model on the phone be a pain in the ass.

Some questions have "look-ups" - where you need to research the answer yourself - instead of asking the person hiring you.

Questions to Ask Before Agreeing to Do the Modeling Job

Q: Money When will I be paid? In cash or check?

Q: Legal When can you fax or email me a copy of the model release?

Q: Ground Transportation Which airport will I be flying into? Will there be someone at the airport to greet me or will I be expected to get into the city on my own?

Q: Lodging Where will I be sleeping? (Hotel, motel, private residence) If it is a private residence, who else will be in the building?

Q: Working Relationship What are you like to work with? What are your photo sessions like? How long? What aggravates you most about models?

Q: References I really want this job, but since I am new to this, I would feel comfortable talking with one of your previous models to know what to expect. Can you give me an email address from one of your previous models?

Q: At the Shoot What is the most revealing photos I will be asked to pose for?

Q: At the Shoot Will there be another model visible in the photo with me?

Q: At the Shoot Who will be present at the photo session? If a portion of your photos will be done unclothed, ask who will be present during the nude or semi-nude poses.

Q: Airplane Ticket What airline will I be flying on and what is the confirmation number of my airline ticket?

Lookup: The airline phone number you must phone if you need to change your flight for any reason.

Q: Where You Will Be Can you email me the addresses of locations where I will be shooting and sleeping? (Rationale: You need to know the exact street address and "neighborhood" name of where you will be: where you will be shooting and sleeping, etc. For example, the studio might be located at "123 Main Street" - but it is located in the "Warehouse District" of the city. This is needed in case you decide to leave and need to phone for a taxi. Taxis can't pick you up if they do not know where you are! Don't be surprised how difficult it can be to figure out what street you are on.)

If you are not able to get yourself to the airport 100 percent on your own if something goes wrong, then stay home. This means you need to know where you are and you need money for a taxicab.

Research Before Departing

After you get the details from the photographer, look-up this information on your own, write the information on a piece of paper you take with you when traveling


You need to locate a phone number of a taxi service in that city. Don't ask for this. Look it up.

Map it Out!

Take 15 minutes to print out a map from the Internet and circle the airport and the areas where you will be shooting, sleeping, etc.

Give Written Details To A Responsible Person Back Home

Make a copy of this map and give it, along with all the addresses where you will be to someone responsible in your hometown. Don't choose your buddy who is going to repeat that he "is hammered" if you phone him late at night because something shady occurred. Choose someone who can get to the Internet and look up anything you need. On the other hand, do not unnecessarily alarm your parents if you give the info to your parents. Supplying the who, what, and where to someone responsible back home is a normal, smart thing to do.

Need Model Release in Advance

You need to receive a copy of the model release you will later sign before you leave your city. There cannot be any new terms that surprise you once you arrive at the photo shoot. It is tremendously unprofessional for a photographer to "pop" new terms on a naive, young model who has never done a shoot before once he arrives in town for the shoot. Read how to understand model releases and ask for changes you need to the model release.

What to Pack

A model needs accessories (necklaces, jewelry), underwear and stuff to lift at the gym, but take the minimal amount of property with you. Leave valuables at home. This way you can keep the least number of bags with you to avoid being separated from your bags - and have an ability to leave for the airport at any time.

Be Aware of Roofies (Rohypnol)

Roofies are more prevalent than you would think. You may be working with people who may be tempted because they know they will never see you again. Read this article on how to avoid getting Roofies slipped in your drink.

Is Opportunity Worth Risk?

Do not agree to do the modeling job simply because you want a free trip. Be smart. Travel only because this helps your career. If something doesn't feel right, this modeling gig may not be worth it. Don't be helpless. Just leave. Any cab in a city cab get you to the city's airport. If you find yourself in a sleazy situation, chances are the person being sleazy cannot help your career much because he does not have good contacts in the modeling industry. Legit clients don't want to work with a photographer who is known to be shady.

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