Male Model Rights At Photo Shoots

Here are some standards male models should expect when posing with any male model photographer:

  • Any concerns or needs expressed to a photographer or photo crew related to being photographed should be kept confidential.

  • You should not be coerced into do anything you do not feel comfortable doing. Do not be afraid to call a time-out and reschedule the shoot.

  • You should be able to offer comments or ideas during photo shoots.

  • You should have control over how much you wear, how much skin you show.

  • No photographs you pose for should be published or exhibited without your written permission by signing a model release form.

  • A private space should be available for you to change clothing. You should clearly know when you are in front of a camera. It is very easy to include a $90 hidden camera in bathrooms and areas where models undress. Even if you go to a bathroom or seemingly private room, there may be a hidden camera. Wrap your body in a towel when changing, even in the private room.

  • Photographers should make a reasonable effort to explain what the resulting photo will look like and what role you play in it. The photographer may help you understand -- so that you feel part of the creation of the photo. However, sometimes this is not possible if a photographer is making up his plan as he goes.

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