How To Find A Modeling Agent

Modeling agents. Most aspiring male models wrongly assume their first step to becoming a male model is to locate a modeling agent who will "make them into a male model." However, it is important for aspiring male models to understand that locating and signing an agreement with a modeling agent is not the only way to become a male model. Obtaining a modeling agent can sometimes be the same difficulty as winning the lottery. Very few people win the lottery, but a lot of guys can become male models.

What is a modeling agent?

First, it is important to understand what modeling agent is and what modeling agent does. A modeling agent does not hire you. modeling agent is much like a middleman in a transaction. A modeling agent has contacts in the modeling industry. These professionals come to the modeling agent whenever they need to hire a male model for an ad campaign, TV commercial, magazine ad or video shoot.

The modeling agent keeps a list of male models and he knows are reliable and will show up and shoot and act professionally. If you are an aspiring know model who wants to obtain his first modeling job just to "get started in modeling" you can get started if you can reach the same professionals that the modeling agent knows. One way of doing this is to build name recognition for yourself. You can obtain a time of exposure and work to "get seen" by modeling professionals.

As a male model, you receive a special page dedicated to modeling. You add any photo examples (also called tear sheets) to this page. You also describe any experience you have on your modeling page. This modeling page offers you two benefits. First, it allowed you to be found in the Internet. Anyone searching for a male model in your town will find your modeling page. Second, and more important, you send the link to this modeling page to any modeling professional you network with. It gives you a professional image in the modeling industry.

How to become a model without a modeling agent

A guy can become a model without a modeling agent simply by getting that one first modeling job. And sometimes an aspiring model may need to accept a low paying or unpaid modeling job just to get that first modeling job. Don't worry; you will start earning money when you obtain future Model Jobs. But for now you need that one modeling job to get started. So, don't turn down a modeling job based on how much it pays or does not pay. That first modeling job might be seen by professionals who are you in the future.

Be Your Own modeling agent

Once you fill out your modeling profile page, you can send the link to that page to any advertising agencies in your hometown. You can also send a link to your page to photographers who hire models in your hometown or in big cities, each time you see an advertisement that contains a model, look for the small print in the head that lists the photographer who created the photograph. Locate that photographers e-mail address and e-mail your pag's web address to the photographer. This is easiest for photographers in your hometown, because they can have you visit their studio easily.

If you cannot find photographers in local magazines in your city, start asking everyone you know if they know photographers who hire models in your city. Also ask these people if they know anyone at local advertising agencies. E-mail a link to your modeling page to any people whose name is referred to you by a friend. Remember, obtaining exposure and being seen are crucial to becoming a male model.

How a modeling agent makes money

A modeling agent should not charge you any money. If you are in a situation where modeling agent is asking you for money, something is wrong. Especially if that modeling agent has not secured even one modeling job for you. If a modeling agent really believes in your ability to succeed in male modeling, money from you should not be a huge roadblock to keep you from success. The modeling agent should want to work with you even if you are flat broke. Remember, the modeling agent makes money whenever you make money. The modeling agent deducts 15-20% from the check dissent by the person who hired you for the modeling job. So, if you are in a situation where you were being promised to become a huge success but only if you come up with a bunch of money, you are being scammed. It is highly likely that if you take the chance and come up with the money, you will get no modeling jobs.

What a modeling agent does

A modeling agent gathers a variety of talent preps this talent by giving minor grooming and style tips if needed, and gives advice on the best photos that are needed to promote the model. If the agent determines that the model is reliable and whacked professional at a shoot, the modeling agent will submit the model for various modeling jobs. The client actually hires the model. The client handles billing with the modeling agent and pays a modeling agent. The client does not pay the model directly. The modeling agent ducks his commission and gives the remaining amount to the model.

Ways to get a modeling agent to choose you

Most students think they need to find a modeling agent before they can do any modeling. It is important to understand that not only attempting to get a freelance modeling job and building name recognition for yourself can help you get started with a modeling career, but it also can help you get noticed by modeling professionals and by modeling agents. By doing something and creating a professional image you show a potential modeling agent that you stick out from every other guy who wants to become a male model.

modeling agent types

There are different modeling agent types. Most modeling agents handle one type of gender. This means there are male modeling agents who obtain modeling jobs for male models and there are all agents who obtain jobs for female models. Rarely does an agent obtained modeling jobs for both sexes - except at very small modeling agencies where staffing is low.

Next, there are modeling agents that specialize in fashion, commercial photography and fitness photography. Fitness modeling agents have totally different professional contacts than agents in the other fields. Commercial photography includes "looks" such as sportswear, clothing sold by department stores. High fashion is the look you see on Milan runways.

Having a modeling agent does not make you successful

Obtaining a modeling agent will not be the answer to your dreams. You could get one job and never get anything ever again. If you hook up with a bad modeling agent, you could spend a lot of money and become disenchanted about the modeling industry and never pursue your interest again. In some cases, modeling agents sign every aspiring model to an exclusive contract with the goal of keeping them from competing with their existing models. So, it is important to remember that finding a modeling agent is not your only method of becoming a male model.

How to get a modeling job without a modeling agent

The first step to obtaining a modeling job without modeling agent is to network with modeling professionals and photographers in your city and in the big cities. The second step detailed modeling job is to get exposure. People need to see you. Professionals need to see what you look like. This is where building awareness helps you. Exposure, notoriety, name recognition are invaluable resources that can help you. These three things can be obtained without a modeling agent.

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