How to Become a Male Model

College students who want to become male models can get their careers started by building a fanbase of people who folow their careers. By building name recognition for yourself, aspiring male models can promote themselves. Building a fanbase of people who support your career allows you to take control of your career now - instead of waiting for something to happen!

When you build a fanbase, you begin to get noticed. (By girls on your campus as well as modeling professionals).

Fans are often girls who admire them, follow their career advancements and support them in various ways during their modeling career. (Too numerous to list here)

Building a Fanbase offers its own rewards. Once you get your modeling career started locally, you can begin to call yourself a "male model." This is good because you probably simply want that hot girl at Target who you want to meet to know you are a model. People (especially girls) like to be connected to guys who are going places and doing something impressive.

Going From a "Nobody" to a Model Who Has a Fanbase

It is competitive out there. To get started in any field these days, you need publicity. Musicians and singers all know they need to promote themselves and build a fanbase to succeed in their field. Motivated people understand the value of doing the work to promote themselves. Male Models can build a fanbase, too. The larger, the better.

It is all about self-marketing because succeeding as a male model is so much more competitive. Encouraging friends to "Like" the page you create when you get your modeling career started locally is a way to beat your competition. Any publicity you can get on your own will benefit you. Becoming a male model is a tool in your arsenal to get noticed. "Half of the challenge for students is to get modeling professionals to notice them above all the other guys," said Vicky Phipps.

When male models build a fanbase, they promote themselves, gain exposure and build name recognition. The goal is to become known among important professionals who hire models and eventually receive Model Jobs direct - without a modeling agent. Building a fanbase makes aspiring models more marketable to professionals who see that you come with a fanbase who can support any marketing effort. Showing that you build a fanbase goes a long way in "selling you." Don't leave out any asset that you have. Professionals will not know you build a fanbase if you do not tell them! Once guys build a fanbase on the Internet, they should mention your fanbase they have to professionals who hire male models.

New male models need promotional tools, but you do not need to pay for them! The best promotional tools are free and only require your effort to use them - and promote yourself. The page you create when you get your modeling career started locally is free.

Building a fanbase Helps New Male Models

Your Fanbase can provide real support as well as for word-of-mouth advertising. Here are some ways building a fanbase can help you...

  • Establish a fanbase of people who like your skills, art, athletics, writing, ideas or looks.
  • Building a fanbase is one way to quantify your successes. Its a way of keeping score. A large fanbase is evidence of your hard work and success.
  • Potential future employers, friends, organizations all will view your fanbase as proof of your leadership skills.
  • Building a fanbase makes you more marketable. You can show pros in your field that you have a "following." You bring with you a list of people who are ready to support you. Other guys do not have this promotional asset.
  • Experimentation. Building a fanbase is a great way to test your marketing skills. You learn what works and what does not work. It is a measure of your creativity and hard work. Learn what makes Fans tell others about you. This is called word-of-mouth advertising.
  • A fanbase today could be a stable of future customers in the future. They can buy anything you might sell later.

No Need to Wait to Begin Your Male Model Career!

Becoming a Male Model takes time, patience and building a fanbase. Since you are probably not going to hit the big time right away, your first hurdle is to start encouraging friends to "Like" page you create when you get your modeling career started locally. Guys who want to become male models should register as Campus Men and begin building a fanbase. Building a fanbase is something you can do immediately.

You can't drop out of school or leave your job until at least the summer, so you might as well spend your time working to propel yourself to notoriety and stardom by encouraging friends to "Like" the page you create when you get your modeling career started locally. Then when you reach a date when you can head off to a Big City, you will have the power of a fanbase who will follow your every move.

A Professional Image Allows modeling industry pros to see as a Real Male Model

Once you Create a Professional profile and gather "Likes" of the page you create when youget your modeling career started locally, you can begin to call yourself a "male model." Any loser can have a generic page on social network, but you can use your status as a male model to develop a professional image. By using Fanbase for your career promotion, you can keep your Facebook or Myspace page private. Your face-to-face friends are on Facebook, but you keep track of and motivate your fanbase built through a modeling website

Building a professional image can be a good investment of your time. You will be taken seriously by stylists, creative staff at chain store headquarters, advertising agency executives and top photographers. They will be able to see all the hard work you have done in developing a fanbase. If they like what they see, they may decide to use the model for their next ad campaign.

What Male Models Do with a Fanbase

Getting your modeling career started locally is only your first step. After you have a list of 100, 200 or 500 Fans, can get them to do something... What you do with your Fans is up to you. This is where you can use your creative energies that set you apart from other guys. build a fanbase to do something that benefits you - and if you do not know what can benefit you know, Fans will think of ways on their own.

build a fanbase to attend parties, and events. Attending a fashion show? Get your Fans to attend the show. Appeared in an advertisement? Tell your friends to check out the ad and tell their friends. Since many Fans are girls, you can also get local Fans on your campus to attend a party.

Once you have Fans, it is easier to develop a professional "network." Imagine keeping your Fans up to date about your photo shoots and video shoots, appearing in an ad. Etc.

Typically, a male model will notify his Fans whenever he obtains a modeling gig. He tells his Fans to tell their friends to take a look and give him feedback. Fan support can be as simple as "looking" at a campaign or advertisement, or supporting the male model by buying a product, to face-to-face support such as showing up at an runway show. A male model often asks his Fans to "comment" on his appearance. A 100 comments on a webpage will get noticed.

Male Models Build on a Few Fans to Get More and More Fans

While it's true that some male models "hit it big" instantly, the reality is that establishing a male modeling career usually takes time and patience. Building a fanbase starts off small. A typical male model gets his girlfriend, roommates and maybe even his mom to go to a modeling website and sign up as his Fans. Shortly after registering, you obtain 10 Fans and then soon get 20, and then 30 Fans. Over time, you keep adding to your Fanbase, until you have hundreds of Fans!

Students build a fanbase of people who support their effort to get your modeling career started locally. A student may begin encouraging friends to "Like" the page he create when he starts to get your modeling career started locally, as a sophomore or Freshman, and develop a sizable fanbase by his senior year. The secret is to persevere and be prepared to give effort on your own to achieve long-term goals.

Male Models Must Keep Their Fans Interested

Regularly update the page you create when you the page you create when you get your modeling career started locally. Keep adding tip to keep your profile page fresh. This keeps existing Fans interested in returning to your page and entices new Fans.

Here's the bottom line for Guys Who Want to Become Male Models!

The reality is that becoming a male model seldom happens fast. For most guys, it takes time to build a "Fanbase." Most of today's most famous models began with a few supporters and built that small number to thousands of Fans who follow their efforts and support them. They achieved fame by taking a lot of little steps over a long period of time.

Steps You Need to Do to Become a Male Model:

  1. Begin your career by building name recognition for yourself.

  2. Get a few friends to Like the page you create when you get your modeling career started locally - your roommates, girlfriend (and her friends).

  3. After you get a hand full of Fans, you will be accepted as a "male model." Complete your profile and add yourself into the "Male Model" category.

  4. Follow our instructions on how to shoot three pro poses. Then upload these pro photos to your profile pages. (You can do this on your own, without a pro photographer.)

  5. After you upload your photos, create a buzz for yourself by following our instructions on how to contact influential bloggers.

  6. Keep adding photos of yourself every month - to keep existing Fans interested and attract new Fans. Don't overlook the power of uploading a simple, short video of yourself.

Then, wait to see what opportunities develop from your hard work and "buzz" you developed. You never know what can happen!



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