How To Apply To Male Modeling Agencies

Becoming a Male Model By Getting Accepted by a Male Modeling Agency

When a guy wants to become a male model, most think he needs to find one powerful man or woman who can get him started. Finding a magical agent who can step in and allow you to skip all the hard work involved in starting an modeling career - is a "fairy tale."

Looking for an easy answer to start a modeling career will likely lead to connecting with unsavory characters who want to take advantage of you. The worst of these are con artists, whose only goal is to get your money with no intention of helping you in any way. Once they hook you, they spend a much of their day writing threatening letters to collect money from college kids who make a mistake by signing a contract with them. The worst bottom-feeders do what is called "bait and switch" - where they put out attractive bait, wait for guys to respond, then offer them a less attractive opportunity after the guy gets excited - usually porn or masturbation videos. In other words, they never had the ability to offer you the "bait" you sought in the first place.

There is no short-cut into the modeling industry.

If agents could simply pick any guy out of the thousands of snapshots they receive each week, everyone would become a model. It cannot be done this way - which is why agents are generally unresponsive to receiving snapshots from guys who live in another city in the mail or email.

The best agents are pros will not waste their valuable time trying to make a guy who lives hundreds of miles away into a model.

Agents do not pay you to model. Agents are salesmen who sell a product to ad agencies, casting directors and photographers. The product they sell is YOU. Sales people judge their how well their career is going by how much money they earn. A really good sales professional likes to make lots of money. Agents make a boatload of money when they rarely get an up and coming Brady Quinn or Carlson Twins to a contract.

If you are not highly marketable (someone that a lot of ad agencies, casting directors and photographers aren't interested in hiring) then a sales person won't make a lot of money from selling it you.

Not surprisingly, agents are coldly business-like about who they accept in their modeling agency. Until you've managed to prove that you can book a lot of Model Jobs don't expect any really good agents to be interested. One way of proving your earning potential is by starting your career yourself.

Looking for an easy answer is a bad tactic which results in frustration, wasted years and, ultimately, failure to become a model. As long as you continue to believe that your main goal is to find that one magical person who will "build" your career for you, -- you won't be spending enough time doing the crucial things you need to do yourself to build your own career.

Your first step is simply to get first modeling job. You probably already simply want to find your first modeling job - so that hot girl at Target will want to bang you because you are now a "model." You can find a modeling job on your own (without a modeling agency) simply by asking around and networking with industry professionals and pro photographers and established male models.

Your Solution: Become a Male Model By Posing For a Top Photographer

If you are ready to become a male model, consider our innovative advice on how to get your modeling career started locally, on your college campus. Its a fun way for you and 11 of your on-campus buddies to take a giant leap ahead of other aspiring models!



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