Acting Is Different From Male Modeling

Some male models successfully make the jump from male modeling to acting, however, do not try to hedge your bets by trying to become a male model and actor simultaneously. Being a male model can help you get noticed for other opportunities because professionals "see" you. Generating opportunities from being "seen" is the same concept for which we aim with our featured students promotional pages. Several male models, including several college guys who appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly have gone on to become actors. These include Chris Carmack, Tom Welling, and Ashton Kutcher. Models tend to leave modeling and move onto acting.

Previous students moved from modeling to acting. Don, appeared opposite Robert Duval in the movie, "Deep Impact." He also appeared in several independent films, including "A Reason to Believe," "Defying Gravity," "Captain Jack," "Cause N Defect," and a Latoya Jackson Playboy video. Don also appeared in several TV series episodes, including, "Profiler," "Saved By the Bell - The New Class," and "J.A.G."

Choose and Focus On One Profession

However, it is a mistake to try to hedge your bets by trying to become a male model and actor at the same time. They are totally different professions. Each profession has different industry professionals you need to get to know. And it takes time and focus to get to know professionals.

Acting requires you to focus on that profession alone. Acting also requires developing a skill by attending acting classes. You need to focus on learning if you want to become an actor, not be scatterbrained by pursuing any and all opportunities.

Acting Rewards Building Experience

Acting rewards the nine months a person invests in trying to build a career. However, acting is looking for guys with experience - people who can not only look good and fit a role, but also be able to convincingly say dialogue. Conversely, modeling is done with you after a certain period of time - because the industry is always looking for a fresh face. In other words, by the time you get established as a model, the agents move on to someone new or younger. Acting rewards the experience you build up. Modeling discards you.

Often there are more opportunities for a good-looking guy in acting than modeling. If you get a taste of an acting class and think you have a talent for acting, we suggest you aim toward acting and forget about modeling. Some guys even try to target a third profession like becoming a recording artist. Going after three dreams might mean you achieve no dream.

Modeling Often Has Height and Size Requirements

The male modeling industry is very competitive and has stringent requirements that include height. If you do not meet the industry's requirements, you can only expect to succeed so far. Yet, someone whose opportunities are limited in male modeling can make it big by becoming an actor.

Acting Offers Union Protection from Some B.S.

Modeling is often unregulated and there is no union for models. However, actors belong to unions such as AFTRA and SAG, which protect actors from unscrupulous tactics. This means that male models run into a lot of bullshit from people seeking to take advantage of them. Those same tactics cannot be attempted for a movie, TV show audition because of union protection.

Large Budgets in Acting Means Less B.S.

Budgets and costs for movie and TV productions tend to be much higher than the average modeling job. This means that professionals who hire models are too busy trying to make their TV show or movie a success and don't have much time to try to rip off or mess with some inexperienced college guy. It is somewhat difficult to get into a position where someone can hire actors, but anyone can say they need male models. Yes, you can run into people who are saying they are making a movie who try to get money out of you, but modeling ends up having more weirdos and bullshit artists than acting.

Acting Requires More Than Looks

One cannot make it as an actor on looks alone. if you think that since you are attractive that you can easily become the next Brad Pitt, you are mistaken. Remember, actors must convincingly says lines, not just stand in front of a camera and look good. You need to network and attend acting classes. To take the first step, you will need to attend at least one acting class. After you attend that acting class, you can become listed with local talent agencies that book acting jobs. A guy's personality can also speed them toward success in acting.

If you are ready to become a male model, consider our innovative advice on how to get your modeling career started locally, on your college campus. Its a fun way for you and 11 of your on-campus buddies to take a giant leap ahead of other aspiring models!



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