Model Go-See is Part of a Model Audition

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What to bring to the Go-See

Look at a map where the Go-See will be held, make sure you arrive at the location early enough to deal with difficulty in parking, but go inside only five minutes ahead of your scheduled time.

Bring your photos or your portfolio: If you have many different ‘looks’, be sure to bring photos that show a look that is similar to the role your are vying for. If you are going to the Go-See for a modeling job where you will be photographed as a football player, and you have a photo or past advertisement where you are depicted as an athlete, be sure to bring that athlete photo. If you are being hired for an underwear ad, be sure to bring a photo that shows you full body. If you are being hired for your muscles, be sure to be able to show photos that show your muscles.

Spare copies of your photos: And you better have copies you can leave at the Go-See. Color copies of your photos only cost 79 cents at Kinko’s. If you are too lazy to take the time to visit a copy shop or order hard copy prints of your digital images for 29 cents through, then you should not attempt to be a model because some other guy will take the time to order prints he can leave with a decision maker. Remember, while you are only seeing one casting director at the Go-See, the casting director is seeing many models. Leaving a print of yourself helps them sort out which model is which.

Contact information for your agent. You need to know your agent’s address, phone number, correct spelling, along with your body sizes.

How to act at a Go-See / Audition

Walk into the waiting area and meet the person who has been assigned to greet models that day. Even if there other male models are your competition for this job, this is a chance for you to learn from them. This is called career networking. Who are their favorite photographers? How did they get successful? Don’t irritate the Go-See’s staff by being to loud while getting information from other models.

Dress The Part for the Audition

Even though you may not be an actor, you need to ‘pretend’ to be the role they are hiring. If they are considering you for a role as a fraternity guy, act like a fraternity guy. Experts disagree whether you should dress like the role you are being considered for,

We think beginning male models need to try any possible tactic when they are first starting out, so if you are being considered for a role of an athlete, dress like an athlete, and don’t wear a business suit.

By acting like the role, you help the casting director or photographer at the Go-See visualize how you will look in front of the camera days later. You also make yourself better than the competition.

There may be a ‘breakdown’ (a description of all the roles being cast) or an illustration for this modeling job available in the waiting area at the Go-See. Review this and try to get yourself in the mindset that matches this role before you go into the next room to meet the casting director. (Needing to concentrate is another reason why you never bring others with you to a Go-See. Can you imagine if you were trying to imagine how a martial artist would act while your girlfriend is anxious to leave?) If they shoot a sample image of you at the Go-See, be sure to ‘act’ like the role in front of the camera. (This is another reason why some professionals suggest you dress like the part you are pursuing.)

When you sign in or fill out any forms, list your agent’s contact information, never your own phone number or email. This can be seen as a way of screwing over your agent.

If the casting director or photographer needs to contact you, they should obtain your phone number from your agent.

After the Go-See

The person organizing the Go-See will tell you ‘We’ll let you know.’ However, this means nothing and odds are likely that you will not get called. You must be able to handle not being hired for every job and not take it personally. They bring in more models than they need. They saw your photos and wanted to see what you look like. Do not contact them to ‘check to see’ if they made a decision. If they want you, they will call you. Plus, this is not a one-time shot. The casting director will have other jobs, and if you show yourself to be a pain in the ass, they will not book you for future jobs.

They may select you for the callback, which is usually held later in the day or the next day. This is your next step in getting the modeling job – and making money.

NEXT: If they want to see more of you, they invite you to a Call-back

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