How to Put Together a Model Portfolio for Male Modeling

If you want to put together a modeling portfolio, you need quality photographs created by a variety of photographers, often whom do not charge you for photography.

Put Together a Variety of Photos Taken By Varied Photographers for Your Portfolio

A good modeling portfolio includes different styles of photographs created by different photographers. Photographs in a portfolio should not all be shot by the same model photographer alone. New male models seek to invest a lot of money when starting their careers by spending a lot of money with a photographer who quickly "puts together their portfolio." Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, pose with as many quality photographers as you can. You will never speed up the process of becoming a model by throwing money around.

We also advise guys they should avoid paying for photographs. The process of developing a portfolio requires you to meet different photographers, which also offers the added benefit of valuable career networking. It is common for college guys need photos for portfolios to pose for TFP photographers.

Casting directors can tell they are dealing with an amateur when they see a model portfolio that contains photographs created by a single photographer. Established male models who have built up an impressive portfolio and have the most experience receive the highest paying opportunities.

Real Life Proof of Past Jobs Are Best For Portfolios

The best way to create a good portfolio is by collecting "tear sheets" or printed samples from male Model Jobs you secure, not by shelling out hundreds of dollars for photographs. It may take a new male model nine months to build an impressive portfolio if he is aggressively accepts every job his agent offers. This may involve requesting time off from work or traveling distances to modeling jobs.

Expensive Portfolios Unwise

When many guys desire to get started as new models, the first thing they think of is to spend money on photographs to create a modeling portfolio. Often photographers in your hometown will charge new models $600-$800 for an extensive photo shoot.

The modeling jobs you receive will be low-paying at first and jobs that more established male models do not want. Agents are most likely to initially promote new models toward the less popular, low-paying modeling jobs and save the cream-of-the-crop jobs for their established models.

If a modeling agent has a decent relationship with the client who is casting the low-paying job, they should be able to send a model for the job sight unseen and without showing the client any submission photos.

Step One: Buy the Itoya Art Profolio Professional Presentation Book. It is archival - which means it will not turn your photos yellow. It is also large enough to fit all your photos. Beginner models make the mistake of buying a smaller size portfolio because they cost less. Then they later need to abandon the smaller size as soon as they receive a photo that will not fit the smaller portfolio.

So, why pay $800 for an expensive portfolio or promotional materials when you will only get a few $75 jobs?

Travel Cost is a Career Investment

Just as some misguided models think buying an expensive modeling portfolio is an investment in their career, travel cost is a much smarter investment in your career. The cost of your hotel and flight so you can pose for a top photographer in a big city will be cheaper than the amount you would pay a hometown photographer. You will also develop a relationship by interacting with a top photographer.

If you are ready to become a male model, consider our innovative advice on how to get your modeling career started locally, on your college campus. Its a fun way for you and 11 of your on-campus buddies to take a giant leap ahead of other aspiring models!



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