Underwear Model Gets Nervous During First Photo Shoot in Florida Keys

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

To meet the crew for his shoots, John drove to Miami from Hilton Head, where he shared a small apartment with five friends during the summer. John considered his time in South Florida to be a break from all the partying at the "Head" as he calls it. Boy, were we surprised by what he considers a break! Being part of John's photo sessions was quite an adventure.

During seven hot and humid days and six night-clubbing nights in August, the photo crew followed John from Miami Beach through the Florida Keys, on to Key West and eventually into international waters.

Each day, John would hit the gym before his shoot. And then pose on the beach two hours later.

In his hotel room after shoots, you'd likely see him doing crunches to build his abs or push ups to work off excess energy.

Since his shoots were held during Florida's hurricane season, shoots were rained out on several days and the crew was forced to shoot some photos inside their hotel!

This pic was shot in the doorway of the hotel's lobby.

This photo was shot against the wall in his hotel room.

The rain dampened John's partying too. In pursuit of a wild time, John and crew ran through the streets of Miami Beach during a particularly rainy night in search of a liquor store and a grocery store that sold limes. The mission was accomplished and after he set his very wet shoes aside to dry, the partying began. Nothing better than Gin & Tonics in the hotel room!

He surprised everyone when he took a break from partying a few nights by spending time reading books by Hemingway and T.J. O'Rourke in his hotel room.

John's first shoot in the Keys was aboard the catamaran "Atlantic Fury". Faced with his first photo shoot in front of a boatload of 40 people taking a sunset tour, John proceeded to down a few shots of Jaegarmeister. Yet, before the crew could finish shooting the first roll of film, a fierce storm hit. Foiled by rain! The next day, he hit Key West's Smathers Beach in his skivvies with a concoction of vodka and Gatorade he mixed himself.

The Keys had a great impact on him. Several times he thought out loud about the possibilities of a tranquil life on a boat in the Keys. His favorite shooting location was Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys, located 35 miles north of Key West. While waiting for the crew to set up, John plopped down on a beach towel with his favorite book.

After a final night of partying, John woke up to the sounds of the maid pounding on the hotel room door. So, he threw his luggage in the back of his hatchback, grabbed a cup of coffee and left Florida. Its no surprise that he drove onto I95 listening to his favorite CD, "Too Skinny J's," blaring and a hangover he'll not soon forget.

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John had to be fairly bold to pose in his underwear on a public beach. If you are a college student who has a bold streak, you can use your boldness to get your career started!

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